Why is it that these Dr’s don’t believe that we know our own bodies. We’ll see if anything happens. Doc said I had vaginal dryness and thinning vaginal walls. It can be tough, and unless we vent about these things we will never make any progress! At 44, I also began chemo for breast cancer and immediately went into menopause. It does make me more comfortable when walking, lol. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have unusual vaginal bleeding, changes in vision or speech, sudden new severe headaches, and pains in your chest or legs with or without shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue. Note: Osphena (ospemifene) has black box warnings for endometrial cancer, stroke, and thromboembolic disease. It’s embarrassing to smell like that. Several different doctors have given me estrogen, progesterone, even estrogen with a mix of testosterone shots. I don’t think it costs anywhere near osphena and it’s all natural. Could this be caused because of the lactose in it. Osphena is a “selective estrogen receptor modulator” (SERM). As this eMedTV Web selection explains, however, a generic version of the drug may become available after the exclusivity rights expire in February 2018. I figured, if I am going to leave this world because of a side effect from this “pill”, then I am going to enjoy ALL the time I can with my husband in a good relationship..go out with a bang is what I say! My hair has always been super thick (thank God because I’d already be bald now). I was put on hormone replacement immediately but when my mother was diagnosed hormone receptive breast cancer I was taken off them. Not having any chronic health issues, nor past cancers or family history of CVA, heart disease, or cancer, it’s unlikely I’ll experience any side effects. (It failed before.) She says she waits until studies have proven it to be safe. The lubrication has improved with Osphena. I also noticed some weight gain as well as tummy bloat. The maker is badly-known rather than really reliable. Hi Franks, Is I understand not giving birth; DNC and osteopenia contributes toward this painful period of life. Now that I am in my 60’s it was progressively getting worse. Babycakes; I had to smile while reading your post. Fast forward to now, many years later with UTI’s. By the time I reached my fifties my period was long gone,(around 47-48). I have not read this site since I first found out about it 6 months ago, but tonight I did and read your comment first. At the age of 33, My ex-husband had me spayed because he was tired of my endometrial bleeding (which was most likely brought on by stress from his emotional abuse more than physical issues), and because HE did not want any more children…until he married the woman who ruined our marriage and his second one. I’m disgusted with the whole problem and have given up. So, we don’t. I don’t think any question is silly. Thanks! I was shocked. He says he wants to “play around”, but uses every excuse in the book for not approaching me. I also have Interstitial cystitis. Tell your healthcare provider if you are going to have surgery or will be on bed rest. I am in the same place you are. I am going to speak to my gyno about Osphena on my next visit. Thanks Chrissie for posting about the itch cycle. At first I had some leg cramps and hot flashes at night. I’ve been on Osphena for over a year now and I live it. Yes, I have M.S. I think Osphena has helped but it is not a great miracle drug, so I am weighing benefits versus negatives. Dear Sunshine, I buy the large container at Sam’s Club; their price is as good or better than any I found when I was still ordering it. old and sex has never been so great. The gynecologist put me on Osphena at my request, because the Premarin was not helping at all with the dryness. Everything was fine until about 3-4 years ago when intercourse began to hurt. Estrace internally was just gross!! I was on a daily low dose of Bactrim but was still getting symptom flares which made my urologist think I had a resistant bacterial UTI so we’re trying to catch a culture. In just three weeks it did what two Dr. tried to fix over two years , with more creams then I could count. For what it’s worth MyBabyCakes, as I got drier and sex got more painful I researched a lot of lubricants — as I’m sure we all did. He said that he knew me, and that anything I really wanted, I always found a way to make it happen. I think it helps hold the rolled-in curl in mine, as well. I have been reading through all the comments and have to say, very informative for the most part. Then I was treated with a week long antibiotic and put on Osphena. It seems to get rid of the icky sticky feeling, but it always comes back. I’m turning 50 soon and have had YEARS of bad sexual experiences due to the vaginal pain. Now u say u have RA. If it is NOT covered and helps women stop hurting- then Viagra needs to be pulled from insurance coverage too. Desperate! Anyone here also sensitive to wheat or glutin (not saying total Celiac, as was tested and came out neg), but this extreme vag. Still have night hot flashes and an occasional leg cramp but otherwise I feel 20 years younger and feminine again so I will stay with the Osphena for now. It has been for me. When I ordered a different silicone one later, I found out that they are not all as thick as the KamaSutra. My theory is that nature intended us to stop after menopause simply cuz there is no reason to try to procreate any longer. Sigh. • Store OSPHENA at room temperature between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C). Not yet quite back to where I was, but better. Hi Irma, It is estrogen just not in an irritant base. Ask and see what they say. I am now 60 so you can see how long this is happening. Ospemifene may rarely cause serious blood clots to form in the legs or lungs. I’m 57 and have never weighed this much. How many for whom sex hurts can’t be helped with non-prescription remedies or safer, hormone creams? My IC has caused so Many problems I am at end of Rope! I thought it was because of my MS. Not so! After breast cancer surgery and radiation all seemed fine until a couple months ago when the dryness started. I know what the side effects are said to be. I had no trouble with my insurance covering it. The fact that female doctors are so reluctant to help us is a whole ‘nuther thing… I just keep feeling they are more worried about covering their you-know-whats than giving us the treatment we need. No infections, no pain. Maybe he has had enough patients with it. It felt like a very tight rubber band about an inch into my vagina! So glad to hear it. I finally went off completely and the yeast in my body cleared up completely but I’m in hell now, with intercourse. (There wasn’t anywhere to reply to your post below, so I’m doing it here.) Was it a coincidence that I started the Estrace and soon after I had abdominal cramping? I’ve only been on Estrace for 2 weeks, but it seems to be working. Sorry for the rant but I feel all this goes hand in hand. OSPHENA tablets are white to off-white, oval, biconvex, film coated tablets containing 60 mg of ospemifene and engraved with “60” on one side. I’ll be glad to report on any developments. I will certainly keep Ms. Price in mind with my questions. For me it’s almost like a knife cutting me. Interesting…wait and see what happens. Well, I probably still have a bit to learn about the latter… :). Good luck sex is better but still is painful I just can’t take the hot flashes. That along with the Osphena,its all good. Osphena gets into the bloodstream whereas Estrace works directly on the tissue. Here’s hoping that the next few decades of life treat you more kindly. Not only were there no benefits, but the risks were high:  increased chances of breast cancer, coronary vascular disease, stroke and blood clots. I also had flitters of anxiety a few times in the morning after taking it. To me that means she doesn’t know. (I am happy to be paying less & saving the money for other health issues that may arise as I age.) Mrs. G., I am also a breast cancer survivor. Let me know your results. Guess I’d have to be climbing all over him for him to feel I want him, and that was never me, even in my younger, sex-active days. I am 54, had partial hysterectomy at 32, have several other health issues (autoimmune included). There MUST be SOMETHING less toxic, cheaper, and more natural out there to maintain uterine moisture. Lets get back to doctors in cohoots with patients. My part D insurance doesn’t cover it, and I can’t use the manufacturer’s discount card because Medicare recipients are not eligible. My hysterectomy was total, so that it would take away any chance for ovarian cancer. I am going through a divorce, hopefully in a few years I’ll find a friend and want be ready. And the insurance companies see it as a sexual dysfunction drug. I have that sensation back and am loving it. We want to let Osphena work awhile. Well, I talked to my ob/gyn about osphena and she said her patients were having good luck with it and gave me a script. Has anyone else had the severe sweating and if so, what did you do? I’m willing to try Osphena, but am sure the cost is outrageous. Hi Lynne, Sorry to hear about your leg ulcers, they can be very hard to deal with. It’s so sad. I have had cancer twice so can’t have estrogen. I have chosen to do the Optimum maintenance at least until they make me have another Bone Scan; but the Minimum Maintenance is less pills than I was having to take before, to get the 1200 mg a day they have said we need. On another note, my urogyn has this thing he tells me “use it or lose it” having sex increases blood flow there which nourishes the tissue and relieves pain. I don’t think that’s a blood clot. Intercourse is, to say the least excruciatingly painful and since my husband is very sympathetic we are having a difficult time in the bedroom. I had used an ointment which helped while I had it on but didn’t get rid of it. It has improved my quality of life so much! It is not in our heads, it is a woman’s “impotence”. I am still on Cymbalta. Completely cured of atrophy, I’m 64 yrs. any odor anywhere–not covers up….The more I use it the more I like it. While Osphena really worked for me, the side effects - especially the weight gain - will send me back to my doctor for an alternative. He insisted I try Osphena and said that the warnings listed are because the Feds made the mfg list them. CANCER was an immediate STOP. Both of them are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so you would get help from that point, anyway. Thanks for your post. The main side effect was gas, bloating & cramps. The GYN exam is only once a year, and I might have just thought the pain was because of the instrument used. I have to fight to retrieve a tablet every single night. At least now with the Osphena, when he IS interested, I don’t have to avoid the situation because it’s going to feel like I’m being raped. My husband is very healthy but he worries about me because of my health problems. They seem to be healing a lot faster than 2 yrs. However, I suppose a tampon would work just as well, but I never thought of it. My doctor approved this. I had endometrial cancer in 2010 at 30 and had a total hysterectomy. Sorry about the night sweats. for me. when I read Irma’s comment, that was my first thought, how do you know its a blood clot? When I called and asked if there was a medical reason he did not tell me about Osphena, he said it was because of how expensive it is. Started bleeding again 5 weeks later on and off. In my family these issues of sex or aging were never discussed, so I guess what I am trying to say is, I am happy that these issues are finally being addressed. It is a godsend. Mine won’t and I really don’t want to go to a new dr to start all over again. I keep my setting on the medium cool side and I don’t freeze, but I definitely don’t sweat anymore! I hope they’re not from the Osphena and that you can continue to take it. I don’t know what a Brazilian Wax is, but I can guess, and I’m definitely not in to that kind of stuff. I left it there and came home and called the number on the “Osphena savings card”. And that reminds me: I need to get a mammogram done before my next gynecologist appointment…. I found that taking a half tablet of Osphena helped me not have so much vaginal irritation and drainage but then it doesn’t help much for the dryness and painful intercourse. I hope you get my meaning….husband couldn’t keep up. My husband has not been supportive in this, and is so angry at me because the “wedding cake”, as he puts it, was the beginning of me not wanting sex anymore. I would recommend this drug to women suffering from the same condition. Nothing else changed in my life and I know in my heart that this drug was the issue. Thanks again. Please see my new post above. Use Olive oil. Please let me know! My Doctor had to even beg and beg to get me Synthroid, instead of the generic stuff, even when we could not get me regulated on the generic. After four weeks the insurance approval for Osphena came through. I have actually thought about asking isn’t anybody else having the discharge. Sadly my bf is an asshole and doesn’t believe me about it. This new Osphena sounds like it could do what the other treatments could not. Thanks. I know it’s one of the side effects of this drug but, does this mean that I have to stop it right away?.. I also use Estrace cream (1x day externally), testosterone ointment(2x day every other day), estradiol pills (1x day – lowest dose possible), 12.5 mg DHEA daily and GNC brand progesterone cream at bed for 21 days/mo then off for 7 days. I have also had a lot of discharge which I never had before, I had to be off the Osphena and Norethindrone for 2 months because of an insurance change and that’s when my night sweats and leg cramps started again, anyone else have similar issues. What a bummer. As my mother had breast cancer, I was a bit afraid to try this, but as someone posted below, it was actually an anti cancer drug (Tamifin I believe) that was being tested as such, and it does not impact breast tissue. But try telling that to doctors. I have major pain and cannot have intercourse at all. Menopause. Everything that feels good is all on the outside, for me; and I can’t handle but just a few minutes of that, since I drink very little now. This is my 9th day on Osphena and I think it might be helping. I called his office, and they would not even tell me what was in the letter. But it hasn’t! I kept calling about the antibiotic because I was having the side-effects that it said to stop taking it and call your Dr. I still have hot flashes :-/ but cramps are gone. Only you and your doctor will be able to decide if you are a candidate for Osphena along with your other medical issues. My wife had tried osphena and it does help a lot, but she has started having a discharge and swelling with some pain still. I would kill to protect my babies; they are my life. He really still doesn’ believe that there are so many of us…including his own daughter. I use Emu Oil and Coconut Oil for just about everything I can, but can’t say whether over time, either one would help the vaginal dryness. Yes it has helped with the pain but I’ve gained 5 lbs. Someone said the discharge was gross, but so far not. Falling estrogen levels due to menopause cause vaginal changes referred to as Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy (VVA). Ditto for me however I have been on Osphena for 2 months now and definitely getting the moisture back. Sometimes I tried for 30 min. I’m all for keeping things appropriate but when vaginal products have been advertised for decades on television it is just one more. I never made it past the 5th day. No one talked to me about it at any doctor’s appt. At least they will know to ask about it. Dear Sunshine, How are your hives? The pain is real. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear that you’ve had such an improvement. Of course the initial double dosage for the first 3 months ads up to more, but maintenance after that can be about the same. Thanks. She prescribed Estring, a low dose estrogen ring that is inserted vaginally. Cooper, ask your doctor if your vaginal tissue seems thin. Two very welcome improvements: first, I have LOTS of natural lubrication now, not quite like pre-menopause but certainly adequate. They’ll get there, and then they will know. I had a new allergy medication prescribed, and the co-pay was real high, even though it was generic; because it was Non-formulary (not on their list). My Tricare Ins. I have had no other issues with the medicine. Two 12-week trials were funded by the drug’s developers; the lead authors have strong ties to the companies. I try not to stress, but going bald petrifies me! I think I was somehow meant to because I KNOW the HUGE plusses of coconut oil. Also, I wonder if some of your yeast infections are from the antibiotic use that you’ve had to deal with as a result of the UTIs. Probably ignorant, younger people that don’t have a clue just as I once didn’t either. I saw my first ad the very night of my yearly GYN exam (which by-the-way, Medicare thinks should be only every 2 years; thank God for Tricare picking up the slack.) Once, for about six months each year during their pregnancies, Delilah, Sydney and Bonnie stood tethered in concrete-floored stalls too narrow to turn around in, hooked to bags to collect their urine at a Canadian “PMU” farm. Will stay in touch. Concomitant progestin therapy should be considered in women with an intact uterus. Osphena actually gave me more moisture than I needed, cost me $160 a month until I reached my HSA deductible, and I have to get my least favorite test done annually. No hot flashes, no headaches. She was very moist and she became aroused and very passionate. It’s anything but sexual. Anyway he had not even mentioned Osphena to me, and we had been discussing my problem for several years. Men it’s all good for them that’s why they marry younger and younger when they can. The frequent UTI’s and urethral thinning can also be helped by estrogen. My skin felt thinner than the tissue paper I was using. He shook his head, still unconvinced, but gave me 25 day sample of Osphena, a discount coupon and a prescription for it as well as a script for my Premarin. Buy the extra virgin, so that it has not been heat processed. As far as sexual sensation…well just the thought of no more vaginal pain or UTI’s definitely gets you in the mood, and knowing you can enjoy a little fun without the pain after is a great aphrodisiac as well!! I guess I am lucky, I only pay $30 for a months supply. You can see where the extra thickness ends…cut 2 sides, that is enough. It is so debilitating that the suicide rate for sufferers is significant. Been on Osphena for about 10 months. Parts of my body (skin particles) were coming out of me on a daily basis. He should have his license revoked and never practice surgery again. You can go on the site (Am-a-ta).you can buy it online. I’ve been using Extrace for some time, but it’s not dong the job for me–I previously developed sensitivities to Premarin and Vagifem, as well–and a hysterectomy has left me without the vaginal architecture needed to use the Estring (I tried). No one wants to have a stroke. I now take a tiny bit of androgel every 3 days and its making a world of difference…and yes I get extensive blood work every 3 months due to its not approved for women…go figure!!! I have not tried intercourse yet, as I do not feel the “moisture” that you all are talking about. Thank you all for your input. How wonderful to find a support site here! Wasn’t sexually active for 16 years (husband wasn’t able….so he said), but GYN noticed vaginal thinning and dryness (the exam hurt like heck!) I’ve been on it for a bit over 4 months. You never know what may come along to help both of us ! Great sex. I’m too afraid of breast cancer to use the hormones. Why would you opt for this when there are bio identical hormones available. Both things subsided quickly. I, personally use Spring Valley Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that I buy at Walmart for $9.99. I’m afraid it’s too late for me but not for you. My family doctor put me on HRT (Prempro). What a tough time you’ve had. Her dryness problem has gone away and she feels much better. (I have Aetna as my primary insurance and Tri-care as my secondary–and neither would pay, so I had to pay $172.00 for a month’s supply. If it’s any comfort at all, I did not have a hysterectomy and I have had irritation since my early forties and then that turned into severe pain during and after menopause took place. When someone replies you have to go searching for it, there’s no order to the site. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to share with someone else who is going through similar things. I am happy to find that I am not the only one going through this crap. It might possibly do the same thing for vaginal tissue. Would think that smaller dosing but continuous would be better. Did not improve. Some of them just don’t understand or just don’t care or don’t care to listen. I cannot take the hormone therapy, history of breast cancer in my family. As hubby has been say, “We’re in the fourth quarter, AAA, so we’d better start living!” I think the Osphena should work for you if your doctor agrees. Did you ever find anything out? $200 a month makes it not a possibility for me. My family doc. My Dr. had even prescribed self “stretching exercises”, which did not go over well with me at all. To date no discharge for me and after your discription I am happy I don’t have one. In addition to hot flashes, I have had a lot of weight gain (20 lbs.) My Mother’s Senior group at her Church called themselves the Evergreens. I was surprised to find the latest comments so quickly. I have been taking Osphena for 2 months now and though the sex has been less painful, I am finding a side effect that no one else has mentioned. Evergreen, I would stick to the recommended dosage if you do decide to try it. I would like to convey the experience my wife and I have had with Osphena. Sure wish this stuff would give me a sex drive, along with tissue improvement. After 9 months my vision is blurring but I hope it isn’t from the Osphena. Now I wonder how many days before it starts to work? By the time I was finally diagnosed, we were four years in and the virus had infiltrated my brain and I needed six months of IV antivirals so get it out. My pharmacy accepted it and the upshot is that it was MUCH cheaper than it had been before. No discharge. I take meds for the MS to control the fatigue and muscle spasm. I guess it did help the atrophy a little bit, but not the libido at all, even though I believe they gave me too much testosterone. Hi, it sure was nice to find this link! No it doesn’t matter which one, virgin, extra virgin, just kidding. I’m at a loss here, not really sure what to do. It was a miracle I felt alive for the first time in years and my bladder issues ceased. 100% extra virgin is hard waxy in cool jar but melts fast on tip of finger …would be v. easy to try vaginally. I am now 47. Look it up, at ezorbonline.com; I carry flyer copies with me all of the time, to educate women about it. I went back to my Doctor and told him the Osphena was working TOO well so he has me taking it every other day now. Ive been on it since June, no UTI so far. This reply will probably seem out of order. Thanks. I think I have some Clobetasol from my dermatologist still, so I may try that if the burning gets out of control again. I am trying the the Osphena; been on it only 12 days, though. So you can see why I am envious of you all, even though the Osphena seems to be working for me. Osphena has improved the field, but I can’t tell if it has fixed things, since my husband is still not approaching me in any kind of romantic way. I suffer with MS too – and have been in the same situation for 14 years! I won’t be a part of that for any reason. In spite of hormones and lubricants etc. It’s almost a Crisco-like consistency, but even before my Osphena kicked in, this made 110% difference and we were able to have relations with no pain whatsoever. So much for comfortable intercourse. It makes it so much easier to make sure your Dr. has all of your correct, updated information each time you visit. After reading these blogs, I understand the cause of leg problems at night, hot flushes, headaches galore, and weight gain. Am starting a new job. I’ve been on it for almost 3 weeks. Do an internet search for a compounding pharmacy near you, go in and talk with them and read their literature about bioidentical hormone therapy then talk with your doctor. The pain was like a knife. I suppose we all must learn to roll with these unexpected punches. Thank you for sharing this info! with my GYN, to check into the reason for the orange color of the discharge since our one sexual encounter over a amonth ago. It’s immeasurably valuable to those who have yet to decide. Good luck. Oh, and I’m almost 75. I think they’re afraid of lawsuits. Took me 5 days after stopping the drug to get back to normal. I am on Estrace for over 6 yrs, on and off with not much help. ; “Chest pain, sudden cough, wheezing, rapid breathing, coughing up blood”; “Pain, swelling, warmth, or redness in one or both legs”; or “Any unusual vaginal bleeding.” She was very moist and she became aroused and very passionate. As long as he doesn’t care about the weight I’ll stay on it. My Medicare doesn’t pay for any Rx’s; all of that comes through my Supplement (which pays for mine, but I am really surprised that it does). I’m engaged and for the last yr I’ve suffered w/vaginal astrophy. Osphena does give hot flashes and sometimes a discharge. I started missing periods at 47 at about a year later my periods stopped completely. I will watch for it now and avoid them. I haven’t tried Osphera yet, but plan to consult my GYN about it, as Vagifem has brought little relief. It does it worse when I wear a panty liner, which I need when I am away from the house, since a sneeze or cough can cause me a slight accident. I’ll be 49 in April. Sex is pretty much non existent as it is very painful. No one may have told us about this mess ahead of time but we’re figuring it out as we go. Dear Livinglifeagain, It is known to help revive hair follicles, to regrow hair. If it’s not too personal, will you let us know what you decide to do and let us know the outcome especially if you try the Osphena? The MS questions will have to be answered by someone who has, or knows about it. He is so patient with me, even though intercourse is nearly impossible without an hour of gentle manual stretching of my vagina, and even then, the pain is still intense. I have taken my last dose. I believe that Osphena is great for you Women that have had a natural menopause or are new to a hysterectomy, but for Women that have had a complete hysterectomy 20 yrs ago or so, I don’t believe it will give us back our life as you know it…I was on premarin for a while, but when my mother was diagnosed and passed away from renal cancer, and HRT is a causing factor, I stopped using it. I’ve been on Osphena now for about six weeks. Senior Planet subscribers also get The Weekly Orbit, our newsletter with features about personal finance, health and fitness, technology tips, an online book club and more!