[57] Gabriel used musicians from WOMAD to perform instrumental pieces with focus on rhythm and African, Middle Eastern, and European textures, using the National Sound Archive in London for additional inspiration. Bruce left Real World and Coulson continued with the campaign, using the documentary background material as the basis for a promotional EPK, the long-form video All About Us and the interactive CD-ROM Xplora1. [77], Gabriel re-emerged in 2019 with the release of Rated PG, a compilation of songs that were created for film soundtracks throughout his career. [54] In 1998, it was named MTV's number one animated video of all time. The award, presented by former President of the USSR and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev and Walter Veltroni, Mayor of Rome, was an acknowledgement of Gabriel's extensive contribution and work on behalf of human rights and peace. Over the years, Gabriel has collaborated with singer Kate Bush several times; Bush provided backing vocals for Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers" and "No Self Control" in 1980, and female lead vocal for "Don't Give Up" (a Top 10 hit in the UK) in 1986, and Gabriel appeared on her television special. [101], In 2010, Gabriel lent his support to the campaign to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning after being convicted of committing adultery.[102]. 11 in the UK, and supported with a world tour with a band that included Gabriel's daughter Melanie on backing vocals. In an interview published in the magazine to accompany the award, Gabriel's contribution to music was described as "vast and enduring.". Collins used the gated effect on his debut solo single "In the Air Tonight" which became a signature sound in the 1980s and beyond. O'Connor also lent vocals to "Blood of Eden", directed by Nichola Bruce and Michael Coulson, the third single to be released from the album, and once again dealing with relationship struggles, this time going right back to Adam's rib for inspiration. "[31] Genesis recruited guitarist Steve Hackett after Gabriel spotted his advert in the Melody Maker. For a time after his divorce, Gabriel lived with American actress Rosanna Arquette. I can't remember now, but it really moved me. They performed Gabriel's "Washing of the Water" together. [8] He has continued to focus on producing and promoting world music through his Real World Records label. In this case, Mandela had seen many of his people beaten, imprisoned and murdered, yet he was still willing to trust the humanity and idealism of those who had been the oppressors, without whom he knew he could not achieve an almost peaceful transition of power. For many years, Gabriel was managed by Gail Colson.[41]. The singles "Games Without Frontiers" went to No. "Sledgehammer" was particularly successful, dealing with sex and sexual relations through lyrical innuendos. The story is a didactic fable about the three ages of humankind (ecology, industry, spirituality). [110], At the 1997 general election, he declared his support for the Labour Party, which won that election by a landslide after 18 years out of power, led by Tony Blair. Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel in the 'Don't Give Up' video. Desmond Tutu is an Honorary Elder, as was Nelson Mandela. 6 in the UK and No. The song was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Prior to So, Jerry Marotta was Gabriel's preferred drummer, both in the studio and on the road. 12 in the UK. [24] Gabriel attended Cable House, a private primary school in Woking, Surrey, followed by St Andrews Preparatory School for Boys in Horsell, Surrey. We have watched Palestinians suffer for too long, especially in Gaza. Banks had started at Charterhouse at the same time as Gabriel; the two were uninterested in school activities but bonded over music and started to write songs. [66], He has resided in Wiltshire for many years and runs Real World Studios from Box, Wiltshire. Gabriel's desire to bring attention to the intelligence of primates also took the form of ApeNet, a project that aimed to link great apes through the internet, enabling the first interspecies internet communication. "[89][90], In 2000, Peter Gabriel collaborated with Zucchero, Anggun and others in a charity for kids with AIDS. The album's most successful single, "Sledgehammer", won a record nine MTV Awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards and, according to a report in 2011, it was MTV's most played music video of all time. Peter Brian Gabriel (Chobham, 13 febbraio 1950) è un cantante, compositore e produttore discografico britannico.. Dopo aver raggiunto il successo nel celebre gruppo rock progressivo Genesis come cantante, flautista e percussionista, ha intrapreso una carriera solista di successo sperimentando numerosi linguaggi musicali. Listen free to Peter Gabriel & Sinéad O'Connor – Collaborations. In 2010, he joined a campaign to stop agricultural development in the valley, which had also inspired his first solo single, "Solsbury Hill", in 1977. He stuck with soundtrack work for his next project, scoring for the Australian film Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) with worldbeat music. Gabriel is known for choosing top-flight collaborators, from co-producers such as Ezrin, Fripp, Lillywhite, and Lanois to musicians such as Natalie Merchant, Elizabeth Fraser, L. Shankar, Trent Reznor, Youssou N'Dour, Larry Fast, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sinéad O'Connor, Kate Bush, Ane Brun, Paula Cole, John Giblin, Dave Gregory, Peter Hammill, Papa Wemba, Manu Katché, Bayete, Milton Nascimento, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland and OneRepublic. The tour was documented with two live DVDs: Growing Up Live (2003) and Still Growing Up: Live & Unwrapped (2005). [112] However, he subsequently distanced himself from the Labour government following Tony Blair's support for George W. Bush and Britain's involvement in the Iraq War, which he strongly opposed. In 2009, Gabriel recorded Scratch My Back, an album of cover songs by various artists including David Bowie, Lou Reed, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Regina Spektor, and Neil Young. In 2014, he contributed songs to a new compilation album to raise funds for humanitarian organisations aiding Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. Tensions increased during this period as Gabriel wanted to write all of the lyrics himself, and split with the band after director William Friedkin had invited him to work on a screenplay. He signed the group and suggested a band name of Gabriel's Angels, but it was unpopular with the other members. Gabriel was quoted: "I am certain that Israelis and Palestinians will both benefit from a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders. In 1994, Gabriel starred in Breck Eisner's short film Recon as a detective who enters the minds of murder victims to find their killer's identity. He wrote the lyrics to "The Knife" as a parody of a protest song. Gabriel produced and performed at the Eden Project Live 8 concert in July 2005. [25], Gabriel remarked of his early influences, "Hymns played quite a large part. Released in June 1978, the album went to No. The result, New Blood, was released in October 2011. This consisted of new material as well as remixed instrumentals from his previous studio album. He rose to fame as the original lead singer of the progressive rock band Genesis. [8] Gabriel developed The Elders with Richard Branson, which was launched by Nelson Mandela in 2007.[10]. [125], This article is about the musician. It won Gabriel a Grammy Award for Best New Age Performance and a nomination for a Golden Globe for Best Original Score – Motion Picture. Records. The project dissolved, and Gabriel returned to work with Genesis. [citation needed], Gabriel is co-founder (with Brian Eno) of a musicians union called Mudda, short for "magnificent union of digitally downloading artists. Gabriel's song "Intruder" was played over the end credits of episode 9 of season 2 of Netflix original series Mindhunter. The other members of the group are Martti Ahtisaari, Ela Bhatt, Lakhdar Brahimi, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Jimmy Carter,[100] Hina Jilani, Graça Machel, Mary Robinson,[100] and Ernesto Zedillo. In the same month, he received Quadriga United We Care award of Werkstatt Deutschland along with Boris Tadić, Eckart Höfling and Wikipedia. Gabriel employed an innovative approach in the marketing of the Us album. He stated "The fighting that has now broken out between Azerbaijan and Armenia is really horrific and we need to lobby whoever we can to encourage a ceasefire, but hearing reports that President Erdogan has now lined up 80,000 Turkish troops on the Armenian border is a terrifying prospect, full of the dark echoes of history."[122]. As a composer, artist and person, Peter Gabriel has not only had a significant influence on the development of popular music – he has redefined the very concept. In 1967, after Garden Wall had disbanded, Gabriel, Banks, and Stewart were invited by fellow pupils Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford to work on a demo tape of songs. I'd lost it on medium wave and was groping around in the morning on the dial, trying to find something that I could listen to, and came across a Dutch radio station who were playing the soundtrack from some obscure Stanley Baker movie called Dingaka. The tape was sent to former Charterhouse pupil turned musician Jonathan King, who was immediately enthusiastic largely due to Gabriel's vocals. "Peter Gabriel: 'It doesn't have anything to do with witchcraft! Gabriel performs a Fairlight CMI computer and incorporated electronic instrumentation with sampling world beat percussion. That Voice Again 5. 10 in the UK and No. A statement on behalf of Gabriel read: "Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh's extraordinary attack on Sandra Fluke. Peter Gabriel biography Peter Brian Gabriel - Born 13 February 1950 (Chobham, Surrey, UK) Musician, writer and video maker, Peter GABRIEL is one of the most loved musicians in prog-scene. The show included two tracks from the then-forthcoming Scratch My Back: Paul Simon's "The Boy in the Bubble" and the Magnetic Fields' "The Book of Love".[65]. In June 2008, Gabriel released Big Blue Ball, an album of various artists collaborating with each other at his Real World Studios across three summers in the 1990s. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, Gabriel's only single of his career to do so. [16] He was made a BMI Icon at the 57th annual BMI London Awards for his "influence on generations of music makers". [60] Up reached No. This was followed by a holiday band called the Spoken Word. Il a d'abord connu la célébrité en tant que chanteur et principal parolier du groupe rock progressif Genesis, puis il a eu ensuite une longue et prolifique carrière solo couronnée de succès après son départ du groupe en 1975, laissant la place de chanteur au batteur Phil Collins. He substitutes the original line "But this feels so unnatural / Peter Gabriel too / This feels so unnatural/ Peter Gabriel too" with "It feels so unnatural / Peter Gabriel too / and it feels so unnatural / to sing your own name. Gabriel appeared on Robbie Robertson's self-titled album, singing on "Fallen Angel"; co-wrote two Tom Robinson singles; and appeared on Joni Mitchell's 1988 album Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm, on the track "My Secret Place". In 2005, FIFA asked Gabriel and Brian Eno to organise an opening ceremony for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, but FIFA cancelled the idea in January 2006. 14 on its list of "Top 100 Albums of the Eighties".[53]. He signed the group and suggested a band name of Gabriel's Angels, but it was unpopular with the other members. The song was nominated for an Academy Award, and Gabriel and Newman performed it at the following year's Oscar telecast. Erick Benzi wrote words and music and Patrick Bruel, Stephan Eicher, Faudel, Lokua Kanza, Laam, Nourith, Axelle Red have accepted to sing it. [59] Gabriel's soundtrack was released as OVO in June 2000. Gabriel has worked with a relatively stable crew of musicians and recording engineers throughout his solo career. In 1988, Gabriel became involved as composer for Martin Scorsese's film The Last Temptation of Christ (1988). [57] When the film was finished, Gabriel worked on the soundtrack for an additional four months to develop more of his unfinished ideas. [118], Gabriel has declared his support for the two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He had started to recite stories to introduce numbers as a way to cover the silence between songs, while the band tuned their instruments, or while technical faults were being fixed. 7 in the UK and No. You can store in their memories rhythms that interest you and excite you. In June 2016, Gabriel released the single "I'm Amazing". He ultimately dismissed the idea, paving the way for Banks, Rutherford, and Collins to organise the Turn It On Again: The Tour. They work together to consider carefully which specific issues to approach. [121] In October 2020, he posted a message on social media in support of Armenia and Artsakh in regards to the Nagorno-Karabakh war. He devised its story of the spiritual journey of Rael, a Puerto Rican youth living in New York City, and the bizarre incidents and characters he meets on the way. He also collaborated with Laurie Anderson on two versions of her composition "Excellent Birds" – one for her 1984 album Mister Heartbreak,[81] and another version called "This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)", which appeared on cassette and CD versions of So. [37][38] His exit resulted in drummer Phil Collins reluctantly taking over on lead vocals after 400 singers were fruitlessly auditioned. There are certain hymns that you can scream your lungs out on, and I used to love that. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Unlimited access to 27000+ back issues: No contract or commitment. 20 Insanely Great Peter Gabriel Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know Explore the art-rock icon’s hidden gems – from funky B sides to expansive soundtrack epics. It was great when you used to get the old shivers down the back. [63], Gabriel was a judge for the 6th and 8th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists.[64]. In Your Eyes The first of Peter’s studio albums to have a proper title, 'So' was a watershed release in his career. Gabriel's music featured prominently on the popular 1980s television show Miami Vice. Coulson and Bruce documented the process on Hi-8 video. Peter Gabriel is being awarded the Polar Music Prize 2009 for his ground-breaking, outward-looking and boundary-busting artistry. In 1990, Gabriel lent his backing vocals to Ugandan political exile Geoffrey Oryema's "Land of Anaka", appearing on Oryema's first album Exile, released on Gabriel's Real World label.[87]. The songs include "The Rhythm of the Heat" and "Biko" (from "Evan"), "Red Rain" (from "Stone's War"), "Mercy Street" (from "Killshot"), "Sledgehammer" (from "Better Living Through Chemistry"), "We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)" (from "Forgive Us Our Debts" and "Deliver Us from Evil"), and "Don't Give Up" (from "Redemption in Blood"). If you decide that PocketmagsPlus is not for you, you can cancel your monthly subscription online at any time. Guitar player David Rhodes has been Gabriel's guitarist of choice since 1979. The fourth was remixed, with several tracks extended or altered. The album sold little and at one point, Gabriel secured a place at London School of Film Technique because Genesis "seemed to be dying. Its soundtrack was released as Passion in June 1989. 45 in the US. Work resumed in 2000, by which time Gabriel had 130 potential songs for the album, and spent almost two years on it before management at Virgin Records pushed Gabriel to complete it. He also set a radio template: majestic, with flourishes meant to read as 'exotic,' and lyrics meant to change lives. EVE was a music and art adventure game directed by Michael Coulson and co-produced by the Starwave Corporation in Seattle; it won the Milia d'Or award Grand Prize at the Cannes in 1996. Gabriel has recorded a cover of the Vampire Weekend single "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" with Hot Chip, where his name is mentioned several times in the chorus. Gabriel and Banks contributed "She is Beautiful", the first song they wrote together. In 1967, after Garden Wall had disbanded, Gabriel, Banks, and Stewart were invited by fellow pupils Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford to work on a demo tape of songs. Mercy Street 6. For his four eponymous albums, as well as other people with similar names, see, Musicians and collaborators as a solo artist, sfn error: no target: CITEREFGenesis2007 (, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video, Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, Long Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence, Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media, Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, a controversial segment in which Limbaugh vilified, List of awards and nominations received by Peter Gabriel, List of artists who reached number one on the Hot 100 (US), List of artists who reached number one on the US Dance chart, List of artists who reached number one on the US Mainstream Rock chart, "MUSIC; They're Recording, but Are They Artists? 28 in the US. [citation needed], In 2003, Gabriel contributed a song for the video game Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. If you decide that PocketmagsPlus is not for you, you can cancel your monthly subscription online at any time. Critical reception. Accompanied by a disturbing video featuring Gabriel covered in snails and various foliage, this song made reference to the psychotherapy which had taken up much of Gabriel's time since the previous album. Listen to Peter Gabriel original tracks and collaborations in full in the Spotify app. On 25 July 2009, he played at WOMAD Charlton Park, his only European performance of the year, to promote Witness. Gabriel judged the final six young artists with William Orbit, Geoff Travis, and Angélique Kidjo. [103][104], Gabriel has criticised Air France for their continued transport of monkeys to laboratories. All were labelled Peter Gabriel, using the same typeface, with designs by Hipgnosis. [11] He was nominated for four Grammy Awards: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year for "Sledgehammer", and Album of the Year for So. Gabriel's 2009 tour appearances included Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela. "[citation needed]. In 1983, Gabriel developed the soundtrack for Alan Parker's film Birdy (1984). His concert in Mexico City, on 27 March 2009, attracted more than 38,000 fans. The song also features in 'Children of Mars', a 2020 episode of the web series Star Trek: Short Treks. [96] The Genesis greatest hits album Turn It On Again: The Hits (1999) features Gabriel sharing vocals with Phil Collins on a new version of "The Carpet Crawlers" entitled "The Carpet Crawlers 1999", produced by Trevor Horn. This Is The Picture (excellent birds) 9. Peter Gabriel (a.k.a. So by Peter Gabriel, released 19 May 1986 1. [34] Music critics often focused their reviews on Gabriel's theatrics and took the band's musical performance as secondary which irritated the rest of the band. Scorsese had contacted Gabriel about the project since 1983 and wished, according to Gabriel, to present "the struggle between the humanity and divinity of Christ in a powerful and original way". He had Brian Eno provide additional electronic effects. [35] The tour ended in May 1975, after which Gabriel wrote a piece for the press on 15 August, entitled "Out, Angels Out", about his departure, his disillusion with the business, and his desire to spend time with his family. Étant en avance sur son époque, il sera l'un des premiers à inclure le genre world music dans ses propres compositions, et en deviendra l'un des pionniers. [115] In 2010, The Guardian described Gabriel as "a staunch advocate of proportional representation". Peter Gabriel 1: Car) was released in February 1977 and reached No. "[105], In March 2014, Gabriel publicly supported #withsyria, a campaign to rally support for victims of the Syrian Civil War. Don't Give Up 4. He has also pioneered digital distribution methods for music, co-founding OD2, one of the first online music download services. 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In late 1977, Gabriel started recording the second Peter Gabriel album (a.k.a. At age 10, he purchased a floor tom-tom. 22. [100] Anna-Marie is a filmmaker who filmed and directed Gabriel's live DVDs Growing Up on Tour: A Family Portrait and Still Growing Up: Live & Unwrapped. [83] In the summer of 2003, Gabriel performed in Ohio with a guest performance by Uzbek singer Sevara Nazarkhan. He recorded it in 1981 and 1982, solely on digital tape, with a mobile studio parked at his home, Ashcombe House, in Somerset. "It's about being prepared to lose what you have for what you might get ..." said Gabriel. [124], In 2002, Gabriel married Meabh Flynn, 21 years his junior. [23] His father, Ralph Parton Gabriel (1912–2012), was an electrical engineer and his mother, Edith Irene Gabriel (née Allen), was from a musical family. [124] They had two daughters, Anna-Marie (born 1974) and Melanie (born 1976). The fourth Peter Gabriel, released in September 1982, hit No. [124] They have two sons, Isaac Ralph (born 2001) and Luc (born 2008). In September 2008, Gabriel was named as the recipient of Amnesty International's 2008 Ambassador of Conscience Award. The award was presented to him by Queen Silvia of Sweden. "[40] Each album has, however, been given a nickname by fans, usually relating to the album cover. [48] So was released in May 1986 and reached No. "The idea is to do it like a magazine, which will only come out once a year," he remarked in 1978. : Instant access to the latest issue of 310+ of our top selling titles. "[44], Gabriel signed with Mercury Records. Gabriel helped pioneer a new realm of musical interaction in 2001, visiting Georgia State University's Language Research Center to participate in keyboard jam sessions with bonobo apes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Navštěvoval soukromou školu Cable House… To play this content, you'll need the Spotify app. [70][71] The tour resumed with a European leg from September 2013 to December 2014.[72]. In the liner notes, Gabriel is credited with "experiments with foreign sounds". [93], In May 2008, Gabriel's Real World Studios, in partnership with Bowers & Wilkins, started the Bowers & Wilkins Music Club – later known as Society of Sound – a subscription-based music retail site. "An American A&R person came over in the middle of recording and – other than attempting to make one track sound like the Doobie Brothers, which he failed considerably to do – he was convinced that the thing was much too [adopts American accent] 'esoteric, Peter'… He wasn't convinced then that they would want to do anything with it. [95], In 1986, he started what has become a longstanding association with Amnesty International, becoming a pioneering participant in all 28 of Amnesty's Human rights concerts – a series of music events and tours staged by the US Section of Amnesty International between 1986 and 1998. I am proud to be one of the voices asking the Israeli government: 'Where is the two-state solution that you wanted so much?' In a letter to the airline, Gabriel wrote that in laboratories, "primates are violently force-fed chemicals, inflicted with brain damage, crippled, addicted to cocaine or alcohol, deprived of food and water, or psychologically tormented and ultimately killed. 'Collaborations' was released on CD only. In addition, Gabriel has appeared on Angelique Kidjo's 2007 album Djin Djin, singing on the song "Salala". [29] It was included on their first studio album, From Genesis to Revelation (1968), which saw Gabriel play the flute. After the commercial failure of From Genesis to Revelation, the band went their separate ways and Gabriel continued his studies at Charterhouse. [61], In November 2006, the Seventh World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome presented Gabriel with the Man of Peace award. [28], In 1965, Gabriel formed Garden Wall with school friends Tony Banks on piano and Chris Stewart on drums. Gabriel's introspection within the context of the album Us can be seen in the first single release "Digging in the Dirt" directed by John Downer. Ryan Reed The marriage became increasingly strained, culminating in Moore's affair with David Lord, the co-producer of Gabriel's fourth album. On 18 July 2007, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nelson Mandela announced the formation of a new group, The Elders, in a speech he delivered on the occasion of his 89th birthday. 36 in the UK. Gabriel said: The first time I really got into music from another culture was as a result of the shifting of Radio 4, which I used to wake up to. "[84] This influence has increased over time, and he is the driving force behind the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) movement. The tape was sent to former Charterhouse pupil turned musician Jonathan King, who was immediately enthusiastic largely due to Gabriel's vocals. Around this time, an aunt gave him money for professional singing lessons, but he used it to buy the Beatles' first album Please Please Me. [62] Gabriel appeared on a nationwide tour for the album in 2009. Peter Brian Gabriel was born on 13 February 1950 in Chobham, Surrey. [67] Released in February 2010, Scratch My Back reached No. In the end, Gabriel was late to deliver the lyrics and relied on contributions from Banks and Rutherford. [8] He has participated in several human rights benefit concerts, including Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! And the writing – particularly with the invention of these drum machines – is fantastic. [23] During his time at the latter, his teachers noticed his singing talent, but he opted for piano lessons from his mother and developed an interest in drumming. Matters were complicated further with the difficult birth of Gabriel's first daughter, resulting in periods of time away from the band. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. [30] In September 1969, Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, and Phillips decided to drop their plans and make Genesis a full-time working band. The second Genesis album, Trespass (1970), marked Gabriel expanding his musical output with the accordion, tambourine, and bass drum, and incorporate his soul music influences. [43] While recording drums on "Intruder", one of the tracks featuring Phil Collins, Gabriel had Collins play various rhythms without using cymbals for several minutes which he used to develop the song further. One of Gabriel's stories was printed on the liner notes of their live album, Genesis Live (1973). Peter Gabriel original tracks and collaborations. Gabriel recorded the third Peter Gabriel album (a.k.a. Official website of Peter Gabriel - the English singer-songwriter, musician and humanitarian activist. Their duet of Roy Harper's "Another Day" was discussed for release as a single, but never appeared.[80]. He co-founded the WOMAD festival in 1982. Gabriel sang (along with Jim Kerr of Simple Minds) on "Everywhere I Go", from the Call's 1986 release, Reconciled. Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop. After leaving Genesis in 1975, Gabriel launched a successful solo career with "Solsbury Hill" as his first single. Its opener, "The Musical Box", was their first song in which Gabriel incorporated a story and characters into the lyrics. [56] Gabriel toured worldwide to support So with the This Way Up Tour, from November 1986 to October 1987. Initially only released on vinyl for Record Store Day on 13 April, the album was eventually released on digital streaming services later that month. Gabriel took on a project with the BBC World Service's competition "The Next Big Thing" to find the world's best young band. [114], In 2005, Gabriel gave a Green Party of England and Wales general election candidate special permission to record a cover of his song "Don't Give Up" for his campaign. In November 2007, Gabriel's non-profit group WITNESS launched The Hub, a participatory media site for human rights. Spirituality -- despite her habit of tearing up pinups of pontiffs -- has always played a huge role in O'Connor's artistic persona, and many of the songs featured on Collaborations rely on Eastern mysticism ("Visions of You" with Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart) and deconstructed Christianity (Peter Gabriel's gorgeous "Blood of Eden").