It's like that in Italy. I repeat, I always took responsibility for my actions, but on the match against Milan (the day when G.Sandri was killed) I wasn't even on the match. It comes from the heart. Likes 409 talking. It was for similar kind of punishment. We always went to courts, we were always here when we were invited and we took the responsibility for  our own actions...always! Join Ultras-Tifo Shop newsletter to receive the latest updates and shop promotions. Repression in Italy since then get even worst, you can read more about it here. We are not an ad.hoc organization so we'd just give up our stands. Inside Italy’s ultras: the dangerous fans who control the game Soccer 2013 - Juventus Crushes Lazio 4-0 To Win Italian Supercup Juventus beat Lazio 4 … Those are all things that are really dear to me, and they will remain in my memory, because they mean that all of that I did was worthwhile. Modi da Braveheart e carisma: il Bocia è un caso da ... picture. We only want the loyalty to exist, among reporters and all of the critics. There are people who are writing about us, who are condemning us, but they are hiding and cannot say what they think of us to our face. The gnali company, bocia founded. The movement we were creating during these years won't just disappear. img. Ultras United, Itala (Italia) (Itala, Italy). Claudio "Bocia" Galimberti, leader degli ultras bergamaschi dell'Atalanta, si schernisce con l'Adnkronos quando commenta il gran lavoro del "suo gruppo" per l'ospedale Covid alla Fiera. There are people that are important referent points on one Curva and who have a lot of things going around them. Interview with leader of Curva Nord Atalanta Details Published: 16 November 2011. Il suo gruppo fa parte di quell'esercito di volontari che ha dato braccia e cuore per realizzare in fretta e … Claudio Galimberti, meglio noto come “Bocia”, leader ultras dell’Atalanta, ha negato così all’Adnkronos la partecipazione dei tifosi orobici alla manifestazione unitaria degli ultras di tutta Italia annunciata da ‘I ragazzi d’Italia’ per il 6 giugno a Roma. In 2005, the Ultras of Brescia, Atalanta's local and fiercest rivals, issued a statement regarding Il Bocia's stadium ban: "Nemico leale, Boci non mollare!" Αταλάντα. I appreciate all of that a lot. Si chiama Claudio Galimberti, di professione giardiniere, 38 anni spesi in gran parte per i suoi nerazzurri. In Bergamo, they're acting as if we are the only problem in the city. ... Atalanta, se i bambini omaggiano il capo ultrà picture. picture 6. This text is translate of great interview that Claudio "Il Bocia" Galimberti  (leader of Curva Nord Atalanta) gave to Bergamo local TV station  in year 2009, after he got 5 years ban. There were 500 guys at the meeting on Tuesday, and no one wanted for us to close, but also, no one can take the responsibility for all of this anymore. Repression in Italy since then get even worst, you can read more about it here. It's possible that someone differently interpreted our decision and thought that we are going to stop going to Atalanta matches. Ciao ragazzi. Va. deputy fired over posts on social media account. The one who expirience the Curva, know the real order of things. > Curva Nord is closed!? Un artista mette il Bocia, ultrà dell'Atalanta, La bocia. I hope that club of friends and the organizational center will be open again, because that is what we've been missing the most. img. My family was suffering because of that for ten years, but I was always ready to give everything to Atalanta. “Bergamo e la sua gente viene prima del calcio e della nostra squadra. When someone from you family is being harassed, you cannot react without emotions. Ultras-Tifo is a portal/forum which provide you the latest news and reports from football supporters all over the world. We are going in Bergamo and we would like to know if the ultras of Atalanta have any place where they meet, their office etc. It's proven that when it comes to a minimal incident with the police, the same people always get hurt, and those people are the ones that are leading our Curva.> So, what you're saying is that Curva Nord is not closing?There were 500 people at the meeting. ... Bocia (leader ultras Atalanta), 'noi volontari Also, the applause for Roma and Cassano score which pushed us into the league 2 was a very emotional moment, that's when the president Ruggeri should've realized what's hiding behind the name Atalanta. I can't pay for others anymore. But this ban is crossing every line. Sign up for Facebook today to discover local businesses near you. L’allenatore rossoverde parla del futuro della squadra ma anche delle ultime prestazioni, meno belle,... Dal rigore trasformato ai due falliti dal Monopoli, passando per quello sbagliato anche dal... L’attaccante biancorosso a Radio Bari: “I rossoverdi stanno raccogliendo più di ciò che meritano.... La nostra redazione vi augura buona giornata con le prime pagine dei quotidiani sportivi... 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In the past, we have published announcements, but the newspapers never dealt with that. onora la tua città difendine i colori «La presenza in Senato del capo ultrà dell'Atalanta sottoposto a regime di sorveglianza? That's the way I am, but I have terrific guys with me, the best friends with which I defended our colors throughout the entire Italy, and we'd like to do that throughout the entire Europe... Atalanta has a history of football which you learned from your parents, and all of the Atalanta supporters deserve something better. I'm coming here to tell you how I feel and to tell you about the real situation, and I don't care what the papers are saying. I respected authorities decisions and I never complained. UltrasTVUltras ArtHungarian UltrasULTRAS-BULGARIA.netFanStyleUltras UkraineStadionowi OprawcyHooligans TVStylKibica.NetKibole24.plwww.kibice.netWorkingClassIn De HekkenSportweddenschappenGoksitesOnline casinoKasinot ilman rekisteröitymistäBest Non Gamstop Casinos, Who is Ultras?Against Modern FootballUltras from A to ZA.C.A.B.Funny videosPyro is not a crimeHardbassCrazy things on the pitchTop 10 football hooligans moviesHilarious away standsUnwritten rules from street football. 602 Followers, 284 Following, 45 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ULTRAS ATALANTA (@bocia_e_ultrasatalanta) img. I always payed and took consequences for my actions. E il capo ultrà dell’Atalanta fece l’inchino ai tifosi catanesi dopo la maxi rissa A Bergamo il processo a 143 supporter bergamaschi e siciliani. Atalanta Capo ultrà condannato: a "Bocia" Galimberti inflitti tre anni La richiesta dell’accusa era di sei, gli sono state riconosciute le attenuanti generiche. Ten or fifteen years that was normal. > Did you get support from Brescia fans? Those who are banned from the matches are going to get checked in, every Sunday at the police station, although they could take their kids to a picnic at that time. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Le parole del Bocia al funerale dell’amico “Bombardelli” a Terni, in onore del gemellaggio che da anni lega le due tifoserie #Atalanta #Ternana It's not OK that the police harasses us because someone who wore Atalanta scarf did something stupid that can't really be connected with us. Was it that broken glass on 11th of November?Those things are a part of all of this, but there were much more positive than negative situations during these 15 years of organized supporting of club. It's a consequence of all of the things I did. > Can we call you the leader of supporters?Leaders of supporters never existed. > La festa della Dea (Party of Goddess)? I'll survive this, I got used to those bans. What can you say about that?We never published any official announcement in which we stated that the Curva Nord is going to be closed. This way, we want to go back to roots. Older buddies are telling me to stop always standing in front of others and to take others' responsibilities. We'll continue gathering in the streets, in parks, in Il Covo, but it will all be more spontaneous. > Tell me one positive and one negative thing that you would erase from these ten and more years that you spent on the north? Magnificent tifo shows, riots, interviews … The stands are the most important, but who really owns them now? Η ομάδα με τους πιστούς τιφόζι και τον πιο ξεχωριστό αρχηγό των ultras. > Were you doing all of that because some kind of visibility in this entire mechanism? The one who makes the mess, knows he's going to pay for it. È il Bocia-pensiero, la filosofia del capo ultrà dell'Atalanta. Intervista al Bocia (Ultras atalanta) dopo i fatti dell'uccisione di Gabriele Sandri. > That means you want visibility for the positive things that are related to supporting. We'll hang out in the future. If anyone Atalanta, il capo ultrà Claudio Galimberti “Bocia” al Presidente Antonio Percassi: "Coronavirus strage storica, non si giochi più". 2020.03.26 20:21 - di: Renato Ventresca Our basic rights are taken from us. If we don't go to it today, we'll find some other place, but we'll always gather and celebrate victories of our Atalanta. > Many people say that you are the ones that are force families from the stadiums. Will it continue existing?We'll talk about that. > So, it's the question of different way of supporting. 4 years ago they dedicated a slogan to me ": "Nemico leale, Boci non mollare!" We rooted like we are running for Uefa Cup, it was unbelievable. “Per Claudio, con Claudio”: tifosi in marcia a sostegno del Bocia. We enjoy those things, to see parents bringing kids, to see players on the stage, and altogether is something that's indescribable. This text is translate of great interview that Claudio "Il Bocia" Galimberti (leader of Curva Nord Atalanta) gave to Bergamo local TV station in year 2009, after he got 5 years ban. Our flags  hold a major importance for us and we're hoping that we'll be able to carry them as free individuals. Atalanta is firstly a one great family and we are here to help each other. > What can you say to those who see your decision as a political move.